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Portable Landmine Pro Training

Made in the USA

The SWATmine Landmine Pro is an inexpensive, portable and convenient advanced fitness equipment that offers challenging variations for high-value training movements. The main advantages of working with the landmine are the comfortable grip, the ease of adding heavier weights and the ability to hit all 360 degree angles in a standing and kneeling positions. When it comes to landmine training the word functional comes to mind, but after executing some of the landmine pro movements, you’ll agree it’s an appropriate term to describe landmine training.



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  • Only 12 pounds!

  • A truly portable landmine device

  • Fits into most backpacks

  • Switch workout areas quickly

  • Enhance any fitness program

  • No assembly required

  • Measurements: 12″L x 12″W x 4″H

  • Solid steel construction

  • Ability to combine with other great fitness products for cross training

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